Why Do Dogs Bark?

Children’s Stories About Dogs

Dogs bark for a reason. Find out what they are saying and asking when they bark.

Discover the secret language of dogs in the charming children’s book titled “Why Do Dogs Bark?” Written by acclaimed author Leland P. Gamson.

This delightful story unravels the mystery of why dogs bark and what they’re trying to communicate. From wanting your attention to alerting you of danger, dogs have their own unique way of expressing themselves.

With beautiful illustrations by Karen Camden Welsh, this book will captivate young readers and teach them to understand their furry friends on a whole new level. Explore the world of barks and wagging tails in Why Do Dogs Bark?

What do you think dogs say when they bark?

Do their barks correspond to when you talk?

Excerpts from the book:

Sometimes they bark, because
they want you to stay.

Other times they bark,
when they see a stray.

Sometimes they bark, because
they want a treat.

Other times they bark,
because there are thorns in their feet.

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

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Attention ESL Teachers!


I wish I had known about Gamson’s books when I taught beginning readers in an elementary international school in Bangkok Thailand for seven years. My English-Second-Language students would have loved WHY DO DOGS BARK? (and his others such as WHY CAN’T DOGS TALK? etc.) For instance, this particular book uses rhyming words–which are helpful in teaching phonics–such as stay/stray//lay/away–and fed/bed–and walk/talk, etc. –coupled with amusing stories and colorful illustrations.

Another good feature of Gamson’s books (hard to find in many books) is that they are multi-racial with children from multiple cultures; a few are set in the mid-East in Biblical times.
The subtle humor would probably make these books palatable to older ESL students also, even though they are meant for children.

By Josie

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Fun and informative, with great illustrations.


It’s a terrific way for kids to learn how to understand what their dogs may be trying to tell them. Fun rhymes paired with lush, colorful pictures of a variety of natural habitats – desert, beach, forest, mountains, parks. I especially love how the trees are painted with colorful swirls. The grandkids love the little chicken holding up a stop sign for the skunks to cross and the dog treats are in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

By Marshall

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A must-have book for dog lovers and their children!


What a delightful book! Written in rhyme and in large print, this is the perfect book to read aloud to a child sitting in your lap. It is beautifully and whimsically illustrated as well, with a full-page, colorful drawing across from each page of text. Leland Gamson and Karen Camden Welsh are extremely gifted!

By Diane

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Answering the Why Question


Why? Why? Why? Children are champions when it comes to asking, “Why?” Leland Gamson’s Why Do Dogs Bark answers one Why Question for you. The logical answers and clever illustrations teach and entertain. As you read, be sure to take in the Karen Camden Welsh’s illustrations. Some will make you chuckle, and some will pull at your heart strings. Gamson and Welsh’s book is one you will want to enjoy over and over.

By Barbara Pack

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Funny and cute!


This book is a delight for parents and dog lovers. It’s easy to read, the illustrations are perfect, and the messages are both funny and informative. It would make a perfect gift for any dog-loving parent, and would be enjoyed by both parent and child.

By George Kagawa

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"All Bark and No Bite"


The headline says it all. This is a cute little story of why dogs bark which can be understood
by a preschooler. It takes the reader on a fun-filled journey through common dog experiences
and interactions with their world as they experience it. Children will be amused and endeared
with our “best friend” in the animal kingdom by this short story.


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Delightful for all dog lovers!


Why Do Dogs Bark must have been written by a dog or at least a dog person. Karen Camden Welsh’s creative illustrations add to Leland Gamson’s verse. Children will relate to the images of dogs barking for different reasons.

By Karla Wilharm

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Why Do Dogs Bark? - Leland P. Gamson
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Discover the secret language of dogs in the charming children's book titled "Why Do Dogs Bark?" Written by acclaimed author Leland P. Gamson.

URL: https://www.amazon.com/Why-Dogs-Bark-Leland-Gamson/dp/1627473203/

Author: Leland P. Gamson

Editor's Rating:


  • It is a terrific way for kids to understand what their dogs may be trying to tell them.
  • Written in rhyme and large print.
  • It's a cute story that a preschooler can understand.


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