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Book Title: I’m Not A Bad Dog


Embark on a journey with “I Am Not A Bad Dog,” the ultimate funny, mischievous puppy children’s book.

This tale is about Leland’s eight-pound troublemaker buddy dog as he explains to his humans why he behaves the way he does.

The story unfolds the charming puppy’s playful and sometimes naughty antics, perfect for anyone who has ever experienced the joy and chaos of raising a young pet.


In this enchanting book, a young puppy finds itself in a series of comedic situations, from nibbling on shoelaces to hiding the garden rake.

Through vibrant illustrations and engaging text, we see the world from a puppy’s perspective, including the mischievous behaviors that come with discovering the world.

Despite the occasional trouble, the message is clear and endearing: “I’m not a bad dog because I’m still a pup.” This narrative is entertaining and teaches important values about growth and understanding. By understanding why someone behaves the way they do, it is easier to love them.

Funny mischievous puppy children's book titled i'm not a bad dog - 3d book cover - a puppy with shoe laces in his mouth looking sad.

Discover the whimsical world of mischievous puppies in “I Am Not A Bad Dog,” where laughter and life lessons blend seamlessly in this heartwarming tale of puppyhood adventures.

Why This Book?

“I Am Not A Bad Dog” is more than just a funny, mischievous puppy children’s book—it’s a window into the joys and trials of pet ownership, designed to teach children about patience, responsibility, and compassion. It’s an ideal read for families, offering laughs and learning moments.

For Whom?

This book is tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 8 who want to hear their naughty dog’s side of the story.

It will also appeal to anyone who loves animals or enjoys seeing the lighter side of life through the eyes of a mischievous puppy.

Parents, grandparents, and teachers will find it a valuable addition to their storytime collections. It provides a fun way to discuss behavior and consequences.

Puppy illustration animation reading a book

Buddy’s Message

“If my book makes a profit, I want half the royalties from my humans to be donated to the animal shelter.”

Excerpts From the Book

“I trip you when you are walking
and hide your mitten.
Chew up the papers
where your homework is written.
But I am not a bad dog.”

“When you want to play fetch,
I may disagree.
But instead, run away
barking, “Try and catch me.”
But I am not a bad dog.”

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Amazon Review

Incredible artwork combined with great storytelling


Loved this book. Fun to read for children and adults.

The author tells a lighthearted and meaningful story of a boy living on the street and a dog with special capabilities. This book is sure to be enjoyed.

By Dusty B.

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I'm Not a Bad Dog - Funny Mischievous Puppy Children’s Book
Im not a bad dog 3d book cover

Embark on a journey with "I Am Not A Bad Dog," the ultimate funny, mischievous puppy children's book.


Author: Leland P. Gamson

Editor's Rating:


  • Engaging and Relatable Storyline: The book features a series of humorous and relatable incidents involving a mischievous puppy, making it highly engaging for young readers. The playful narrative is easy to connect with, reflecting common scenarios that pet owners might recognize, which adds a charming touch to the reading experience.
  • Educational Value: Despite its humorous tone, the book subtly teaches important lessons about patience, responsibility, and understanding. These lessons are woven into the storyline, allowing children to learn about the consequences of actions and the importance in understanding and forgiveness, all within the context of caring for a pet.
  • Appealing Illustrations: Include the visually appealing and colorful illustrations that complement the text. These illustrations not only make the story more engaging but also help in visual storytelling, which is crucial for young readers. They enhance the overall reading experience and aid in the child's comprehension and retention of the story.


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