Samson at the Olympics

Children’s Bible Story of Samson

The ancient Greeks are in for a surprise when the Israelite team competes in their Olympics. 

They are noted for their athletic abilities and expect the Israelites to be a pushover.

Furthermore, the Israelite team has only one member. That one member is the legendary Samson.


Excerpt from the book:

“Excuse me,” interrupted a scraggly looking stranger with long hair and a beard. “I represent the Israeli Olympic team.”  Lampis asked, “Where is the rest of your team?”
“I am the team,” replied the stranger.

All the Spartans and Persus burst out laughing.
“What is your name. . . Hercules?” taunted another.
“No, it is Samson.”

This book teaches and exemplifies what patience and perseverance can achieve in the face of adversity and unfairness in life.

Illustrated by Logan O’Pace

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There is a better way, God's way


In our modern world, winning is held in high esteem – and it doesn’t seem to matter what we have to do to win. There is a better way, God’s way. Samson at the Olympics, written by Leland P. Gamson and illustrated by Loghan O’Pace, depicts Samson competing in the Greek Olympics against unfair odds.

Though Samson wins each contest, he loses the laurels because of the Greeks’ cheating ways. The story is easy to follow as each page with its accompanying illustration focuses on one event in the plot. The young reader can easily identify the hero and the villain because their thoughts make clear the intentions of the characters. And, in case the young reader misses the point, the closing words of the narrator clearly state it is better to honor God than to be honored by man.

I especially like the use of scripture in large print at the end so the reader can go to the bible to learn more about Samson. Parents, this book helps you train your child how to live right (Proverbs 22:6). Samson at the Olympics belongs in your child’s reading library.

By Barbara Pack

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This book teaches the value of persistence and faith in ...


This book teaches the value of persistence and faith in athletics, even in the face of adversity.
For a child to understand it: The child would need an adult to explain portions of it, such as “who is the (biblical) Samson?”

By Rob Bolton

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Excellent Children's Book


What a delightful and entertaining story which takes literary license of the Samson Biblical story and places him in a new and different setting to teach lessons about life, fairness, competition, winning, and losing all at once. It exemplifies what patience and perseverance can achieve in the face of adversity and unfairness in life. This book should be in every child’s library at home and can relate to each new generation of children. Kudos to the Author Leland Gamson for bringing to life such an inspiring and uplifting story for both children and adults to share in together.


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