If Your Dog Were a Human

Children’s Book about Dogs

What would your dog do if they were human?

Let your mind explore all the wonderful things dogs would do if they were human just like you.


Excerpt from the book:

If your dog were a human, what
would he be like?

Would he drive a car or
prefer a bike?

If your dog were a human,
would she like to teach,

Or prefer selling ice cream
on the beach?

Maybe your dog would do some of the same things as you.

Illustrated by Karen Camden Welsh

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Midwest Book Review

If your dog were human, what do you think he/she would be like? Author Leland P. Gamson takes readers on a whimsical romp, imagining what kind of person his dog might be.

The sentiment is fun. (Ages 4-8).

Children’s Bookwatch: June 2023

By Christine Irvin

Midwest Book Review

Amazon Reviews



I loved this book!

It is a clever, rhyming, lively flight of imagination asking what a dog would be like if he were human? What jobs would he have – as two pages read: “If your dog were human, would he deliver the mail? Or be a robber, and end up in jail?”
How would he drive? What hobbies would he have? What transportation would he prefer? How would he like to spend his time? And all of this is told in a fun, quick rhythmic sequence that hops nimbly from topic to topic. And the pictures are wonderful, lively and perfect!
This is a “my first reader” type book – perfect to be read aloud to babies and toddlers, an excellent book for little ones to begin their reading journey, and a good practice for a kindergartner through second grade. It will spark the imagination of any child whose parents, grandparents, or friends have a dog and of any child who loves a dog – the child will wonder what the dog would be like as a human, leading to many fun and creative thoughts about possible jobs, hobbies, fun, personalities, etc. It places the dog as a human in all aspects of a child’s life – the beach, school, home, sports events, the park, driving or flying, etc, stretching the child’s creativity and adding to the fun. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!Another good feature of Gamson’s books (hard to find in many books) is that they are multi-racial with children from multiple cultures; a few are set in the mid-East in Biblical times.

The subtle humor would probably make these books palatable to older ESL students also, even though they are meant for children.

By Six

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Great book!


I agree with all of the comments made by the previous reviewers. This book is original, educational and just plain FUN! In fact, I bet that both the author and illustrator had a ball writing it. I no longer have a small child myself, but I’ve enjoyed this book so much that I’ve read it and reread it. They manage to describe a surprising (and rhymed) number of activities and jobs in a succinct and amusing manner that should appeal to a wide variety of younger children, whether or not they have dogs themselves. This is a five-star book!

By Connie

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Perfect for imaginative kids!


My grandkids love to pretend they are animals, and they got a kick from this book about animals pretending to be humans! Makes us think more about the many kinds of things humans can do when we read about dogs doing them, too. Loved the dogs’ little accessories in the pictures, like hats, aprons, ties, badges, sunglasses, and boots. It really gets the idea across that they are dogs pretending to be humans.

By Marshall

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Children love to play make-believe


Children love to play make-believe. So does author Leland P. Gamson in If Your Dog Were a Human. Imagining all the possibilities for a dog who is human is entertaining – and gives us parents an opportunity to talk about the possibilities in our children’s lives. Your child will enjoy hearing the story as well as looking at the whimsical illustrations created by Karen Camden Welsh.

By Barbara Pack

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Great Discussion Book for Children!


This book gives a very comprehensive overview of different personality types that children can understand and relate to as children with the implication that we must all make decisions as to which road we will travel in our lives. This book shows these different paths in a very non-threatening manner that will not be off-putting or scary for children, but told as a cautionary tale that everyone travels down a different road and that we are the makers of our own destiny. The story line provides many choices and alternatives and can used be a springboard for conversation between parents and children as well as between educators and children in a classroom or group setting.


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Easy, fun book for kids


Easy to read. Creatively written with great artwork. Fun way to bring out your kids imagination!

By H

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Whimsical, imaginative children's book


A whimsical and imaginative look at the possibilities for dogs if they only were human.

By Amazon Customer

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Thoughtful and humorous


a most amusing mind-stretcher for expanding empathy through simple words and beautiful illustrations


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