‘Twas The Night Before Christ’s Birth

Children’s Story

The story of Jesus’ birth is told in verse based on Clement Clarke More’s 200-year-old classic.


Excerpt Below:

When they peeked in the stable, what did they see?

Mary with child, Joseph stooped down on one knee.

For the Savior was born, to show us His Way.

To our world He was sent, for our sins He would pay.

He would not lead an army to free His people from Rome.
But came as a Shepherd to lead His sheep home.
He came not to conquer. He came not to kill.
But He came to spread love, kindness, and good will.

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"Twas the night before Christ's Birth" by Leland P. Gamson


The story of “Twas the night before Christ’s Birth” is in a poem version which is very enjoyable to read! It will put a smile on your face as you read it. It may also give you knowledge of a few things you didn’t know. This should be read by all ages, young & old. The illustrations are extremely colorful & well done!

By Karla Wilharm

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