About the Author – Leland P. Gamson

leland-gamson-about-the-authorMy Name is Apricot. I want to tell you about Leland P. Gamson, the author of these children’s books.

His wife, Bonnie Lou, also helps look after me. After retiring from the VA and United States Army, he is now focusing on writing.

He had written for the Wesleyan Church Sunday School curriculum.  Now he is writing children’s books, devotionals for “The Upper Room,” “Hope is Now,” and several church newsletters.

He enjoys reading his books to children in libraries. You will find all of his children’s books available on eBooks. You can watch Leland read his books on YouTube and Vimeo.  Some of his books are available for purchase in Spanish.  Leland loves to portray Bible characters. These also can be viewed on YouTube.

I want you to read all of Leland’s books:

Hoosier Children’s Author

All of Leland’s books are now in the Indiana State Library’s Children’s Center. He is listed there as a Hoosier Children’s Author.

See Leland pictured below with the Director of the Children’s Center, Susanne Walker.


Director of the Children's Center, Susanne Walker and Leland P Gamson


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