About the Author – Leland P. Gamson

leland-gamson-about-the-authorMy name is Apricot and I want to tell you about the author of these books, Leland P. Gamson.

I am one of three poodles in his pack. He has a wife, Bonnie Lou who also looks after us.

Leland enjoys telling animal stories to children and children’s stories to us canine.  Leland agrees with C.S. Lewis; childrens’ natural love of animals comes from a Biblical world view. From a naturalistic world view animals are predator and prey or beast of burden.

From a Biblical world view they have the “breath of life” and are God’s creatures.  After retiring from the VA and United States Army, he is focusing on writing stories for young people.  We dogs share our house in Indiana and Arizona with our two humans.

I want you to read all of Leland’s books: