If Your Cat Were A Human

Cat Stories for Kids

What would your cat do if they were human?

Let your mind explore all the wonderful things cats would do if they were human just like you.


Excerpt from the book:

If your cat were a human,
would he behave in school?

Would he listen to the teacher
or try to act so cool?

When she got dirty playing,
would she jump into the bath?

Maybe your cat would do some of the same things as you.

Illustrated by Karen Camden Welsh

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A "Cat Tale" for Kids


This is a cute little book about cats if they could be like people. It is geared for young children of cat-lovers and young children who just love cats. The story takes children on a journey of self-discovery and reinforcement of the ideals of the “Golden Rule for interacting with the world around them.

Pure enjoyment and fun!


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My little grandson loved this!


I sent it to my grandson! He loved it!

By Leslie

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Very cute!


“If Your Cat Were a Human” is a sequel to ” If Your Dog Were a Human.” It is written using amusing images. What kind, of person would he be like, if he still had his cat personality?

By Karla Wilharm

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What If??????


Feast your eyes on the illustrations by Karen Camden Welsh as you and your child wrap your mind around the “what-ifs” in If Your Cat Were Human. Storyteller Leland Gamson’s questions tease you into exploring the possibilities. This is just a fun book, well worth adding to your child’s bookshelf.

By Barbara Pack

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