If Your Cat Were A Human


3D book cover for If Your Cat Were a HumanIf your cat were a human would you two get along?
Would she know right from wrong?


Illustrated by Karen Camden Welsh









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What If??????
By Barbara Pack

Feast your eyes on the illustrations by Karen Camden Welsh as you and your child wrap your mind around the “what-ifs” in If Your Cat Were Human. Storyteller Leland Gamson’s questions tease you into exploring the possibilities. This is just a fun book, well worth adding to your child’s bookshelf.





A “Cat Tale” for Kids

By William M. Miller

This is a cute little book about cats if they could be like people. It is geared for young children of cat-lovers and young children who just love cats. The story takes children on a journey of self- discovery and reinforcement of the ideals of the “Golden Rule for interacting with the world around them. Pure enjoyment and fun!





Very cute!

By Karla Wilharm

“If Your Cat Were a Human” is a sequel to ” If Your Dog Were a Human.” It is written using amusing images. What kind, of person would he be like, if he still had his cat personality?


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