Little Red Riding Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood Twist

We all know the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. But what if the roles were reversed, and now the wolf was wearing the Red Hooded cape?

What would the young wolf cub experience on her journey and when she reaches Grandma wolf’s home in the woods?

Excerpt from the book:

One day her mother told her, “Grandmother is sick. You can help her by taking this basket to her. Remember, don’t talk to any one you don’t know, especially humans.”

Will the young wolf cub recognize who is waiting for her?

Would she heed her mother’s advice and not talk to any strangers along the way?


Illustrated by Candace Schoonover.

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A Story Turned Upside Down


The title, Little Red Riding Wolf, tells it all. This is Little Red Riding Hood turned upside down with a call out to organic farming. Evil man cannot be trusted – and, though Little Red Riding Wolf’s family saves her and her grandma, it is a happy ending with a caution: man and beast only tolerate each other not live together happily ever after – and the lesson is punctuated with an appropriate Bible verse. The fun in reading Leland Gamson’s story is the anticipation of knowing the danger but not knowing how the conflict will be resolved. Adding to the pleasure are the illustrations by Candace Schoonover, who used her dog Timber as the model for the wolves and provided a coloring page for young want-a-be artists. Parents, this is a book for old and young to enjoy, one sure to spark conversation and a must-have in your child’s library.

By Barbara Pack

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Very creative


In this version of an old folk tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a wolf puppy & the villain is a trapper. While everything is reversed the ending is both surprising & amusing. It is for children & the inner child in all of us.

By Gary Wilharm

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Great Alternative Take on "Little Red Riding Hood"


Very thought provoking story for children that turns the “big bad wolf” into the hero of the
story. It explores the relationship with a traditional Predator (Wolf) and a Human in a way that children can see that natural enemies don’t have to be enemies at all and can live in harmony with one another and Nature.


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A new twist on a classic tale


Children enjoy the role reversals in this book, and also learn that neither wolves nor humans are really bad. The wolves take good care of their family, and the trapper is just trying to earn a living. My grandkids (especially the ones who live on an organic farm) loved that he becomes an organic farmer, and uses wolf manure to fertilize his crops! Be aware that you may want to skip some of the trapper’s violent threats when reading it to younger kids. Lovely artistic renderings of the scenes by the illustrator.

By Marshall

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