The Irish Setter Is Mailing a Letter

Dogs in Children’s Stories

The Irish Setter Is Mailing a Letter is one of the many activities dogs perform in this creative children’s book of different dog breeds doing simple human activities.


Excerpt from the book:

Dad’s Toy Poodles
are eating their noodles.

Mom’s Pekingese
is enjoying a breeze.

What would your breed of dog do? Can you create a rhyme for your own canine?

Would they sing, swim, or mail a letter like the Irish Setter?


Illustrated by Candace Schoonover

Other Ways to Enjoy The Irish Setter

YouTube Website

MagicBlox Website

Screenshot of irish setter is mailing a letter on magicblox website

Amazon Reviews

So many breeds doing so many things!


Great way for kids to learn about the many kinds of dogs they may encounter. My grandkids giggle at the clever rhymes, such as “His best friend the Beagle is looking most regal” and “Dad’s Toy Poodles are eating their noodles.” Vibrant, colorful backgrounds accentuate the lovely, circular illustrations of the many dog breeds.

By Marshall

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Rhyming Fun with Dogs


Leland Gamson’s book The Irish Setter Is Mailing a Letter is chock full of rhyming fun. Dogs, every breed imaginable, populate the book. And it is the name of the breed that provides the sound for rhyming. The dogs act in dog ways and people ways – providing illustrator Candace Schoonover with endless possibilities for her artistic skills. Sit back and enjoy the pages of this book.

By Barbara Pack

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"Easy Read to Learn Many a Breed"


A wonderful and informative little book to help familiarize children with many different
dog breeds in a format that is not confusing or overwhelming for the young child
learning to read. This will be an instant favorite for young dog lovers everywhere.


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Both funny & educational.


Young children will be able to identify 26 dog species in this delightfully illustrated book.

By Gary Wilharm

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