Toby the Lighthouse Keeper

Christian-themed Stories with Animals and a Lighthouse Keeper

Introducing Toby the Lighthouse Keeper – a heartwarming children’s book that embodies the values of diligence, dependability, self-sacrifice, and gratitude.

Join Toby, a faithful lighthouse keeper, as he navigates the challenges of his important role while finding companionship in his loyal dog, Buddy, and an adorable kitten named Mittens.

When a storm puts the lives of sailors at risk, Toby’s bravery and strong faith in God lead him to embark on a daring rescue mission.

Filled with moments of courage, friendship, and divine intervention, this captivating tale by Leland P. Gamson will inspire young readers and ignite their moral imagination.

Immerse yourself in Toby’s world and discover the power of faith, compassion, and the unwavering determination to make a difference.

Excerpts from the Toby The Lighthouse Keeper:

Buddy started barking to also alert the
boat to danger. “They are going to hit the rocks soon,”
Toby told Buddy, who seemed to understand. “We can’t
just stand here, and watch people die.”

give me the strength to get my boat to them before
they drown,” he prayed.

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Toby the Lighthouse keeper: A Gripping Tale of Faith and Friendship
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Introducing Toby the Lighthouse Keeper - a heartwarming children's book that embodies the values of diligence, dependability, self-sacrifice, and gratitude.


Author: Silver Knight Solutions

Editor's Rating:


  • This easily relatable story exemplifies faith and perseverance in the face of a terrible situation.
  • Finding purpose in life and how our pets help in our journey's decisions.


  1. Michael j adams

    I found Leland’s book, “Toby the Lighthouse Keeper”, an effective story for conveying the values of diligence, dependability, self-sacrifice and gratitude. Leland does a great job in weaving these together in the character of Toby, and how these values are held together by Toby’s strong faith in God. Toby depicts what a humble, brave servant of Jesus looks like, along with showing how the living Christ watches over his servants. I’m confident that this story, coupled with its simple but poignant illustrations, has what it takes for stimulating the moral imagination of young readers.

    • Leland p. Gamson

      Thank you for your kind words about my book.

      They are appreciated.


  2. N. Vanderlinden

    The story of Toby is educational and inspiring.

    • Leland p. Gamson

      Thank you for your positive words about my story.


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