The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn

A Unicorn Story for Kids

A Children’s Story about Special Needs Kids

In the enchanting children’s book titled The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn, readers are transported to a special pony farm where dreams come true.

Sally, the pony farm owner, introduces three new children with special needs to three ponies – Nikud, Tova, and Bede.

As Jasmine, Sarah, and Isaac get acquainted with their new four-legged friends, they embark on a remarkable journey of friendship, determination, and self-discovery.

Each pony longs to be something more – Nikud dreams of being a unicorn, Tova yearns to fly, and Bede aspires to sing.

Through patience, training, and the unwavering support of their young riders, the ponies begin to experience their heartfelt desires.

Jasmine, who is blind, feels the magic of riding Nikud and proclaims him to be her unicorn.

Sarah, who is in a wheelchair, feels like she’s flying when Tova trots, and Isaac, who loves to sing, discovers that Bede joins in his songs with joyful whinnies.

Together, the six of them learn the power of teamwork and the fulfillment that comes from making others happy.

With its heartwarming story and delightful illustrations, The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn celebrates the resilience of children with disabilities and reminds us all that dreams can come true, even in unexpected ways.

Embracing the values of kindness, inclusivity, and the joy of giving, this enchanting book is a must-read for young readers and their families.

Excerpt from the book:

When they were in the barn for the
night, he announced, “I like living
here, but I wish I were a unicorn. If I
were a unicorn, children would think I was special.”

Nikud was afraid he would be
laughed at. Instead of laughing at him,
his friends felt free to also share their
secret wishes.

Book cover illustration of a blind child petting a pony on his nose who wanted to be a unicorn.

How does Nikud learn about himself and that he is special?

How does Nikud’s friendship with the other ponies show how much they support each other when a pony is feeling sad?

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The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn

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Amazon Reviews

What A Lovely Book!


When I get the chance to see my grandchildren, I love to read them books from my collection and usually then offer to give them the books.

My grandson Roman is a sensitive, sweet and thoughtful child, and it surprises me that more often than not, he politely declines my offer. But when I offered him “The Pony Who Wanted To Be A Unicorn,” I got an enthusiastic “Yes!’ My granddaughter Lucy, a big unicorn fan, also loved this book, and now has a copy of her own.

The gentle but clever story with its wonderful illustrations shows children with disabilities successfully achieving what seem to be unreachable dreams. As a former special education teacher, I appreciate the book’s message that all children, including those with disabilities, can reach their dreams.

By Saul Chase

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Adorable illustrations


This book was so cute! it’s about 3 horses and they all have a wish. These wishes creatively come true when they meet children who help them. The story takes place on a horse therapy farm for children with disabilities. Super diverse and inclusive to different types of kids. I highly recommend!

By Aly

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Best Gamson Book to Date


This is really a beautiful story. Christian values, with a tender-hearted, all-inclusive view of special-needs children. Our grandkids took it to heart.

By Rob Bolton

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Cute book for little kids


What a nice story for the young and innocent. Beautifully illustrated to entertain the readers. The author engages the audience with gentle words and an inspiring storyline. Thank you for your books.


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A Children's Story with Grown-Up Life Lessons


This is a perfect children’s story that can be enjoyed together with younger children and their parents, or by little older children in grade school. It entertains and teaches multi-layered life lessons and insights into developing empathic responses to others and to promote diversity and acceptance of oneself and others.

The story outlines how one individual who has the courage to verbalize his or her dreams and aspirations can give courage to others to verbalize and achieve their dream as well, although in ways they could not have anticipated.

Another story lesson is to show how one fosters and develops understanding and inclusiveness of others who are differently-abled and challenged in life by what some refer to as “disabilities”.

The moral of the story is that we can learn true acceptance and understanding of ourselves and others, achieve our dreams in unexpected ways, and expand our personal horizons in ways that will change the way we see the world, others, and ourselves forever.


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Pony Who Wanted to Be a Unicorn-Unleashing Dreams of a Pony
The pony who wanted to be a unicorn

In the enchanting children's book titled The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn, readers are transported to a special pony farm where dreams come true.


Author: Leland P. Gamson

Editor's Rating:


  • It's an inspiring storyline.
  • It entertains and teaches multi-layered life lessons and insights into developing empathic responses to others.
  • It promotes diversity and acceptance of oneself and others.


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