Where is Grandpa?

Children’s Books About Death

Sometimes talking to a child about a grandparent that has passed is difficult to explain to a child. They have many questions, and answering them can sometimes leave a person searching for the right words.

Let Leland’s true story written for Hanna Brown, from a Christian point of view, explain how Grandma Brown talks to her grandchild about why Grandpa Brown is no longer living with her and where he may be.


Excerpt from the book:

One day Grandma Brown showed Hannah a picture. “This is your father’s father, Grandpa Brown. He was my husband for over 30 years. We lived together in this house.”
“Then he is my other Grandpa,” said Hannah.
“Where is my other Grandpa now?”
“Grandpa Brown died before you were born,” answered Grandma Brown. His body is buried in the town cemetery.”

Leland’s story brings comfort and hope to Hanna. And it may do the same for you and your child or grandchild that may have lost a grandparent.

This book is being used in funeral homes and counseling centers for grieving children.

Illustrated by Leigh Ann Cledgett.

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Amazon Reviews

Excellent Book


“Where is Grandpa?” is a very good book to initiate conversations between children and parents about life and death and what lies beyond death. This subject matter is generally taboo or simply avoided for most families due to the level of discomfort that most of us have concerning our own mortality and the mortality of our loved ones. It answers questions for children in an age-appropriate manner that is not too overwhelming or heavy for children to absorb. The idea of addressing this subject matter is to help families deal with this reality in all of our lives and to prepare children for the eventuality of death and everlasting life.


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A Delightful Story

Where is Grandpa is a delightful story helping children understand the stages of life and cope with the loss of a grandparent.

By Marie

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Great book for coping with Death

Leland does a great job of presenting difficult topics in an engaging manner for kids. This one helps children cope with grief.

By Dusty Breeding

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I love this product!!

I bought this to help my kids understand what happened to there grandpa and it worked great! Would definitely recommend

By Amazon Customer

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I love the child Hannah


Author Leland P. Gamson tackles the question of death in Where Is My Grandpa? I love the child Hannah. As children do once their curiosity is aroused – in this case, about death – Hannah asks one question after another until she is satisfied and assured. Grandma just as realistically answers each question simply and uses Jesus’s words to assure her granddaughter of the truth. Leigh Ann Cledgett’s illustrations are appropriately soft, depicting the reality of death and the hope of the afterlife. Where Is My Grandpa? fits in your child’s library.

By Barbara Pack

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This is a wonderful story...

This is a wonderful story of a young girl wanting to know about where her grandfather was. She begins to understand a little about death and heaven.

By Luke Miller

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