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Illustration of Toby the Lighthouse keeper outside playing with a dog and petting a cat that is in a basket.

Toby The Lighthouse Keeper

Toby the Lighthouse Keeper is the story of Toby, a young, former slave who runs a New England lighthouse.

With only a dog and a cat for company, he worked around the clock to make certain that his lighthouse beacon was always on.

Illustration of boy and a dog sitting on a park bench.

My Buddy and Me

Follow children and their furry pals as they discover, “How are my dog and me the same, and how are we different?”

During daily activities with children and dogs, we discover 24 ways that they are the same and six ways that they are different.

Meet Leland

3D book cover for Lokaek the Donkey Who Carried Jesus

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Leland P. Gamson

As far back as my memory goes, I have always been a storyteller. I took the youth camping when working in the Pocono Mountains as a nature counselor. Around the campfire, they always wanted a story. I found out that they preferred mine to classic campfire stories.

When I moved to Marion, Indiana, where the Wesleyan Headquarters was, I started writing stories for their Sunday School curriculum. I prefer writing books to magazine articles because they are permanent. Therefore, I started focusing on writing children’s books.

My children’s books are of two different types. Some use engaging rhyme, which stimulates the child’s imagination. Others are overtly Christian. They present a Biblical view with relatable Bible characters, be they human or beast.

Wherever I am, whether at work, the army, or church, I always write original songs and skits to entertain others. I am a regular contributor to the Flagstaff-Sedona Dog magazine.

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Featured Book

The Pony Who Wanted To Be A Unicorn

3D book cover for The Pony Who Wanted to be a Unicorn

Nikud and His friends like living on a pony farm but wish they were not just ordinary ponies.

They each confide to the other their secret desire to be unique and admired for being special.

See how their wishes come true when they become the ponies of children with disabilities.

Children learn how following the golden rule enriches one’s life when the ponies focus on the needs of others.

New Books Coming Soon!

Puppy School

A puppy goes to puppy school thinking that he will graduate knowing how to shop, cook and read.

Find out in rhyme what he really will learn to do in puppy school.

Illustration of a poodle dog propped up on a stack of books

Toby the Lighthouse Keeper

Being a lighthouse keeper is not like being on vacation on the sea coast. Follow Toby as he runs a lighthouse with his dog and cat companions.

When he sees a fishing boat breaking up during a storm, will he stay in his lighthouse or will he attempt a risky rescue?

Other Ways to Enjoy Leland's Books

Leland’s YouTube Channel

Leland himself reads some of his books to you with his dog Apricot. You can also watch and listen to Leland regale you in his retelling of the story of Jonah from the Bible like no one else can.

Leland's dog Apricot sits in his lap as Leland reads from some of his own Children's books.

Leland’s Books Read to you on MagicBlox

Leland’s books can also be read to you on MagicBlox’s website. The button below should take you to his books. Or you can search by his name Leland P Gamson. Be sure to rate his books after you are finished.

Leland on MagicBlox website

Leland's Featured Easter Books

The Easter Stories That Have Never Been Told

3D Book cover for Tamim the Passover Lamb

Tamim: The Passover Lamb

Mariam is overjoyed when she is given a lamb to raise for Passover. As she falls in love with Tamim, how long can her parents delay telling her she is raising him to be sacrificed? How will Miriam react when they tell her that her precious pet is to be killed? Who has the power to save her lamb?

Lokael The Donkey Who Carried Jesus 3D Book cover image

Lokael: The Donkey Who Carried Jesus

Katen was delighted when Jesus chose him to ride on through Jerusalem. The young donkey and his mother experience the cheering crowds and witness the persecution of Christ and His resurrection. Lokael asks the resurrected Jesus, “will there be animals in the world to come?”

Illustration of a brown and white dog walking down a path in the woods. Each is wearing a backpack.

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