Why Can’t Dogs Talk?

A Children’s Book with a Dog

Anna had a dog and thought how happy she would be if her dog Polly could talk just like her.

Anna tells her father that her life would be better if her dog, Polly, could talk. Her father explains how Polly’s talking would turn her life upside down.

Excerpt from the book:

“Why, she’d soon be asking how
to use the phone,
ordering from the butcher, a real
giant bone.”

How many ways can you think of what would happen if dogs could talk?

Explore the many scenarios that could happen if dogs could talk.

Illustrated by Alyssa L. Tanner.

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Fun Book! With an important message


Another fun, lively dog book by Leland Gamson! I loved this one as well – Hannah, a little girl, asks her father why dogs, like her dog Polly can’t talk, and states if she were God she would have made dogs able to talk. Her father answers by imagining all the things dogs would say, in a very humorous and creative story Would dogs then begin to complain about not getting enough meat? Compare Christmas gifts? Make demands?

This is told in a funny, creative way with lively pictures. The writing and pictures combine to create a ton of humor. In the end, Polly sees that maybe it is better that dogs and humans can’t talk to each other. This is another “my first reader” type of book, good for reading aloud to infants and toddlers, and good for first through third grade new readers.

Any child who has or loves a dog will appreciate this, and it will stretch the child’s creativity imaging what the conversations the dog would have. Finally, without being the least bit “preachy” this book carries two very important messages – maybe the relationship between humans and animals is deeper and more special because they cannot talk directly, and God knew what he was doing when he created the world and its creatures, even if, on the surface, it may not always appear so. Again – STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

By Six

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Four Stars


Funny story line and cute pictures. Grand-kids liked it.

By Rob Bolton

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Great Book


Wonderful engaging book. I also like the illustrations. My three grandkids enjoyed it.

By David H.

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A great addition to our library!

By Nadia

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is a whimsical look at what the world would be like if dogs could talk while making the important point


Why Can’t Dogs Talk? is a whimsical look at what the world would be like if dogs could talk while making the important point that God is wise and knows what is best. Alyssa L. Tanner’s colorful creations of dogs talking entertain the reader along with author Leland P. Gamson’s use of rhyme as he explores the problems of dogs talking. Your child will request over and over to have you read this book.

By Barbara Pack

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Great Book for Children!


Great little book for children who are questioning and love their pets. It helps children to understand why there is a differentiation in nature and relationships between people and their animals. The book promotes natural questioning by children without being condescending. A must have for any family with small children and pets in their home.


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Five Stars


Kids will enjoy the story and the rhyming scheme is very catchy. Illustrations nicely drawn. Loved it!


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Fun book about understanding that what we wish for is not always the best thing for us. Humorous expressions on little Hannah’s face as she gets more and more annoyed at the things her dog might do if she could talk: asking hard questions, complaining about presents, choosing a ridiculous outfit for Hannah to wear, even tattle telling!

By Marshall

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