Tamim: The Passover Lamb

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Miriam is delighted when she is given a lamb to raise for Passover. As she falls in love with Tamim, how long can her parents delay telling her she is raising him to be sacrificed? How will Miriam react when they tell her?







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By William M. Miller

This is a wonderful story for children that brings the Passover story to their level in a hands-on fashion without being patronizing or condescending to the intended readers. The story immerses the readers in the little girl’s feelings and experiences much as they might feel and experience the same connection to a much loved pet. What happens to the little girl when she goes to the Temple in Jerusalem is truly life-changing and transforming, as well as a description of the New Covenant expressed throughout the New Testament.




By Barbara Pack

Although set in Biblical times in Israel, Tamim: The Passover Lamb is universal in appeal. Jacob and Rachel give their daughter Miriam the responsibility of choosing the perfect Passover lamb and of caring for the lamb. The illustrations reveal the love of the child for her pet and the parents for their daughter. The story, too, is filled with hope and anticipation of the coming of the Messiah – but until such time, Passover lambs must be sacrificed for man’s sin. And that creates the conflict: what will happen when Miriam learns the fate of her lamb? Parents, you will be as engaged by Leland Gamson’s story and Alyssa Tanner’s illustrations as your child.





A Deep Subject Explained well for Teaching Our Children – Beautiful Message and Illustrations

By Angie Roulston

What I truly enjoyed about this book was the very simple and clear way that it explained the subject matter. That Jesus did come to die for us. For our sins. We are forgiven because he became the Passover Lamb.

Anyone who has had a small animal knows how much they become a part of the family. Miriam’s response about not wanting to “kill her lamb” strikes a chord deep in your heart. Little ones can relate to that as well. The pictures are bright and colorful and tell the story well.





Beautifully written from a Christian perspective

By Karla Wilharm

Children will relate to Miriam’s joy when she receives her Passover Lamb to raise! They will delight in the happy ending when she finds out who her ultimate Passover Lamb is! This book is perfect for both Sunday School & family reading. It creates a deeper understanding at a child’s level of the meaning of Good Friday.





Excellent message for children
By Wes

At our church we based our Good Friday play off of this book, it was fantastically received and a real joy to work with. The message of this book fits within a Christian theological frame work that seeks to share a different way of viewing the work of Christ. I highly recommended all of Leland’s works!






Tamim: The Passover Lamb – A Deep Truth, simply told
By Laurence Keim

I have just read the book by Leeland Gamson, Tamim: The Passover Lamb. If the reader is familiar with Christian doctrine, he or she will be concerned for Miriam, the young girl in this story, because she is excited about what she thinks is a “pet” lamb. Actually, she doesn’t realize yet that her parents have only given her the lamb so Miriam could care for it while awaiting the time when it will be sacrificed as a sin offering and an atonement. When she finds out the whole truth, which her parents did not have the heart to tell her until they had traveled to the temple for the ceremony, she is really upset and want to run away. But, a stranger tells her not to worry, because He, Jesus Christ will be offering His own life as an atonement, so that no more sacrificing of lambs will be needed. The story ends happily and the beauty of the Savior’s atoning sacrifice is simply told.

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